Adhesives, composite panels & cleaning agents for the roller shutter box


Our two business areas, adhesives and composite panels, offer many different solutions for the professional production of roller shutter boxes.


Extended storage stability COSMO PU Polyurethane Adhesives


By selection of packages, as well as production and filling processes we could extend the storage stability of our PUR adhesives to a maximum of up to 24 months.


Bau 2021 | „WE WILL BE THERE.“


About 6 months before the fair starts, the BAU 2021 is headed in the right direction. The industry associations are behind the world's leading trade fair.


Using the new Corona-Warn-App


This week, the Corona-Warn-App was launched. This application is one more tool to help detecting infections and to contain the COVID-19-Virus.




For us as a worldwide acting enterprise, respectful interaction with each other is of great importance.


COSMO Adhesives & Composite panels for highest hygiene standards


Our hybrid adhesive COSMO HD-100.460 and our sandwich element COSMO Tech - PVC/n (Nano) essentially inhibit or decelerate a possible bacterial and fungicidal growth on the respective surfaces, be it on the sealing joint or on the top coat of the sandwich element.


Our cancellation of the participation in the Fensterbau Frontale 2020


Every two years, the trade fair Fensterbau Frontale is an absolute top event for us to present you our innovative solutions for windows, doors and facades from our two business units Adhesives and Composite panels.




The current circumstances are a particular challenge for all of us. Every day we are informed by the media about the worldwide changes and their effects. The figures and the resulting situations are a burden on us.


Our Higlights for Fensterbau frontale 2020


At this point we would like to present you some highlights from our two business areas adhesives and composite panels for Fensterbau Frontale.


New date for the fair Fensterbau frontale 2020


We are pleased to announce the new date of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE together with HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020: Tuesday, 16 June to Friday, 19 June 2020


Bonding of leaf-enclosing entrance door panels


With our 2-component STP construction adhesive, COSMO HD-200.101, we offer an ideal solution for the connection of cover layers and profile frames for the production of wing-covering doors.


Statement referring the requirement for CE marking for adhesives


There are no general performance descriptions available for adhesives as stand-alone products and therefore, a generally applicable CE marking may not be issued!


Polyurethane Assembly Adhesives


Our one-component assembly adhesives based on polyurethane have proven to be successful for many years. With this, our TOP products of this portfolio are providing the optimum selection for the multi-purpose and sophisticated applications for assembly adhesives in the indoor and outdoor area in industry and trade.


Thermally insulated light weight with successfully tested shock-resistance


This element consists of two external PVC top coats, one further PVC central sheet for increasing the mechanical stability, as well as extruded polystyrene-rigid foam (XPS) for ensuring the thermal characteristics.


Bonding of corner angles in aluminium window and door construction


For more than 20 years, Weiss adhesives have been contributing significantly to the production of age-resistant window elements - and that being in the different climate zones worldwide!


New brochure "Weiss in Focus"


We are pleased to present our new "Weiss in Focus" brochure, which contains information on innovations and interesting application solutions from our two business areas Adhesives and Composite Panels as well as from Pudol, our subsidiary.


We are going to show interesting solutions at Bau 2019


At this worldwide leading trade fair, Weiss is going to show many interesting and innovative solutions of the two business areas Adhesives and Composite panels as well as cleaning agents made by Pudol.


Composite panels & Façade elements for fire protection


In the building industry, the requirements on fire protection have been tightened continuously within the last years.


The Packaging Law


The Packaging Law will come into effect on 01 January 2019 with the introduction of the National Authority.


Thermally insulated composite panels for widening the profile in window construction


Frame widening elements & basic elements for base constructions


Adhesives and cleaners for windows and doors


Our comprehensive range for production and assembly.


Innovative solutions at the trade fair Fensterbau frontale


With four new bio-based adhesive and cleaning agent solutions, the traditional company that has been in business for more than 200 years can show how good they are at the Fensterbau frontale:


New hits 2018


Innovations from our two business divisions Adhesives and Composite panels


COSMO composite panels for shipbuilding


We offer many different solutions that satisfy the high demands, for example on the moisture and UV resistance. Moreover, our elements offer a low weight and stand-out with their outstanding mechanical properties.


New brochure - Adhesives for Airtight Bonding


Weiss is offering highly loadable adhesive systems tailored to your special requirements in the field of Airtight Bonding


COSMO CL-300.900 The environmentally friendly Solvent cleaner


From 80 % renewable resources. Intensive cleaning of plastics and metal with mild odour during processing.


Economic delegation of the Lahn-Dill district visits Haiger


Weiss Chemistry and Technology celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2015, making it one of the oldest industrial companies in the German town of Haiger. From its origin as a producer of hide glue, the company has developed into an internationally active industrial corporation for adhesives, sandwich elements and cleaning agents


Reference requirement to biocidal products


We would like to inform you that - with immediate effect - all adhesives and dispersion glues containing biocides as protective agent have to contain the following advice on the cask- and package layout as well as on the safety data sheet.


Farewell to Uli Stein - Pudol


Today we would like to announce an important change in our personnel. Our authorised signatory and section manager of Pudol, Mr. Uli Stein, left our company for retirement at the end of July 2017


Division Adhesives
Currently our product line includes more than 400 types of surface and construction adhesives, instant glues and special adhesives for a multitude of different applications. A comprehensive selection of special cleaning agents, special products, and accessories also constitutes a part of our delivery program. » MORE
Division Composite panels
Our sandwich panels consist exclusively of high-quality material composites and are joined using an adhesive that has been developed by our company exclusively for that purpose and proven its reliability over the course of many years, resulting in a premium sandwich panel that may fully convince in terms of quality, solidity and longevity. » MORE
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With all its building-physical and economic advantages, the façade element is the preferred building component for commercial and functional buildings. Our façade elements have proved to be successful for many years with their excellent heat and noise insulating characteristics in famous buildings of European architecture. » MORE