Adhesives for "dry construction" bonding application

Nowadays, flexibility plays a more and more important role in the construction of new buildings and prefabricated houses as well as for renovation and professional extension of residential units and offices.

Currently the traditional building technique employs more and more gypsum plaster- and fibreboards, sheets of granulated cement, OSB splints and soft fibres as well as RS-foam. In order to ensure the necessary stability and solidity of such dry building technique, particular adhesives are required for actuated adhesion of the elements in the joint. COSMO®- adhesive systems for the dry construction ideally meet the requirements to achieve permanent and reliable bonding.

1-part construction adhesives


COSMO® PU-100.260

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

Gap-filling assembly adhesive with long open time for applications in the field of joint bonding. Dry lining and internal finishing.


COSMO® PU-160.110

1-part PUR adhesive

Powerful constructional adhesive with flowing properties and a hard and tough glued joint for the bonding of different material surfaces.


 2-part construction adhesives


COSMO® PU-200.280

2-part PUR adhesive

High-strength 2-part adhesive with excellent heat and weather resistance and a wide adhesion spectrum for constructional force-locked connections.


Assembly adhesives


COSMO® PU-100.110

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

Very strong professional assembly adhesive with a particularly quick reaction time for reliable and long-lasting assemblies of constructional solid bonding.


COSMO® PU-190.110

1-part PUR constructional adhesive

Fibre-reinforced adhesive for extremely high strength and impact resistance of the compound.


COSMO® HD-100.500


1-part STP-adhesive for a lot of application possibilities, particularly for many different kinds of applications in the vehicle manufacturing and for vehicle superstructures.


COSMO® HD-100.800

The adhesive COSMO®HD-100.800 features a very good dosing behaviour at maximum First Tack. Because the first seconds will count. All in all, this High Tack can also cover many sealing applications, which extends its range of application enormously.


Assembly adhesive sealing compounds


COSMO® DS-420.240

Adhesive sealant for vapour-proof barriers

Air-tight bonding of vapour checks and barriers as well as sealing films. Immediately in view: Indicator for hardening state of the mass!


COSMO® DS-470.900

Biobased adhesive sealant for vapour-proof barriers

For permanently elastic, airtight bonding of joints, structural connections and overlaps, sealing of diffusion barriers,vapour-proof barriers and sealing films in dry construction



COSMO® DS-420.110

1-part adhesive sealant for assemblies

Universal solvent-free adhesive sealing mass, mainly used for the bonding of window joint tapes / waterstops onto frame profiles of window and door reveals according to the assembly standard RAL.




COSMO® SP-830.160


Permanently gluey primer as adhesion improving agent for butyl- and bitumen-jointing tapes onto different absorbent, mineral underground.


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