Dispersion adhesives / glues

Apart from the classic PVAc dispersion adhesives, which, with the exception of D3 or D4 properties, naturally comply with the conditions of WATT 91, we offer you a selection of adhesive seals mainly used in "airtight bonding".

COSMO DS-410.110

1-part adhesive sealing mass for vapour barriers

Adhesive sealing mass with wide adhesion spectrum for the airtight bonding of vapour barriers/vapour brakes.


COSMO DS-420.240

Adhesive sealant for vapour-proof barriers

Air-tight bonding of vapour checks and barriers as well as sealing films. Immediately in view: Indicator for hardening state of the mass!


COSMO DS-420.110

1-part adhesive sealant for assemblies

Universal solvent-free adhesive sealing mass, mainly used for the bonding of window joint tapes / waterstops onto frame profiles of window and door reveals according to the assembly standard RAL.


COSMO DS 470.900

Biobased adhesive sealant for vapour-proof barriers

For permanently elastic, airtight bonding of joints, structural connections and overlaps, sealing of diffusion barriers,vapour-proof barriers and sealing films in dry construction



COSMO DS-400.110

1-part D3-dispersion glue

Medium viscous, waterproof 1-part D3 window glue.


COSMO DS-400.130

1-part D4-dispersion glue

Low-viscous, waterproof 1-part D4-glue.


COSMO DS-400.150

1-part veneer glue

High-viscous, waterproof D2-veneer glue.


COSMO DS-440.120

Special adhesive

Particularly suitable for surface bonding of painted sheet metals on absorbent wood mounting plates as well as for surface bonding of PS-foam (polystyrene) and other insulating materials on absorbent substrates.


COSMO DS-440.130

Special adhesive

This adhesive is particularly suitable for surface gluing of enamelled and galvanized steel-, steel-, V2A-, brass-, and aluminium sheets-, cork and grooved rubber on absorbent wood carriers and gypsum plasterboards.


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