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Readiness and capacity for delivery rank among the most important factors for the highest level of customer satisfaction, therefore constituting the basic foundations of our quality policy. 

More than 400 different products with a multitude of packing variations have to be made available on customer request on short notice.

We embraced this idea by investing heavily in our storage technology and shipping logistics. About 1,850 storage units for Euro pallets offer optimum storage capacities, to keep an adequate quantity of the comprehensive selection of the various adhesives and special cleaners in stock. On top of that, a state-of-the-art pallet packing line ensures prompt and optimum readiness for shipment. Thus we are well equipped to meet the increasing demand of the market and of our customers.

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Division Adhesives
Currently our product line includes more than 400 types of surface and construction adhesives, instant glues and special adhesives for a multitude of different applications. A comprehensive selection of special cleaning agents, special products, and accessories also constitutes a part of our delivery program. » MORE
Division Composite panels
Our sandwich panels consist exclusively of high-quality material composites and are joined using an adhesive that has been developed by our company exclusively for that purpose and proven its reliability over the course of many years, resulting in a premium sandwich panel that may fully convince in terms of quality, solidity and longevity. » MORE
Division Facade elements
With all its building-physical and economic advantages, the façade element is the preferred building component for commercial and functional buildings. Our façade elements have proved to be successful for many years with their excellent heat and noise insulating characteristics in famous buildings of European architecture. » MORE