Customized composite panels

Solutions for the individual customer

Flexibility and establishing customer oriented solutions are among the core competences of our company. Therefore, we would be happy to join forces with you and develop customized sandwich panels for your specific applications. Since a multitude of various top layers and core materials is available and with the option of creating countless combinations, your design options for the finished panel will be practically limitless.

Naturally, we will also be available as your competent partner for drawing up the technical data sheets and providing guidelines or the certification and testing of individual structures.

Trust in our long-standing experience and market knowledge and our services will convince you.

CNC milling technology

Our CNC machining center uses CAD/SAM programming to transmit NC data online to the 5-axis path control. This puts us in a position to respond rather quickly, exactly and individually to the various customer requests. Profiled grooves, polygonal contour and cutout milling, flattening and lock and hinge millings may be produced. As far as processed materials are concerned, there are almost no limits whatsoever.

Non-ferrous metals, thin steel sheets, timber materials, solid wood, laminated panels, plastics, mineral and composite materials may be processed individually considering the applicable material specifications.

Individual panel cutting

With our CNC-controlled machines we may produce panels exactly to your individual needs.

Foam-Cutting Technology

We use a state-of-the-art oscillating cutter to cut extruded and expanded polystyrene blocks. As for the technoloy we may produce panels with a thickness starting at 7mm and with a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm. Our rather large block storage is a quick and flexible tool to provide you with the desired formats and quantities.

Questions for composite panels

Do you have questions? Please contact:

Jörg Bander
Sales composite panels
Tel.: +49 (0) 2773/815-306 - Email

Ralf Marxen
Sales facade elements
Tel.: +49 (0) 5245/9241-21 - Email

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