Bonding of leaf-enclosing entrance door panels

For many years, in addition to the classic door designs with insert panel, the market of windows and doors has been offering the possibility of making leaf-enclosing door panels with attachment panel. This type of door design gains more and more acceptance in the market due to its attractive appearance, safety-related advantages, improved heat-resistance, as well as its less demand on care compared with the classical variants.

For the production of this kind of door 1- and 2-component STP- and PUR-based adhesives are used for gluing of top coats and section frames.

For these applications, Weiss is offering the 2-C-STP Construction Adhesive COSMO HD-200.101 as product solution with system primer. Due to its characteristic properties as flexible, controlled curing hybrid adhesive, it has just turned out to be an optimum product option compared with the 1-C-adhesives.

Attachment panel (Exemplary design)

Section and top coat materials

  • Plastic materials (PVC white, PVC film, GRP and others)
  • Metals (aluminium blank/painted, steel blank, and others)
  • Inorganic, not metallic materials (ceramics)

Depending on the material, we recommend our activators COSMO CL-310.110 and COSMO CL-310.120 for the preparation of bonding surfaces.

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The solution: The controlled adhesive

2-C-STP Construction Adhesive COSMO HD-200.101

  • Flexible, tension compensating 2-C-STP-adhesive
  • Controlled curing and process times (2C-technology)
  • Independent from air humidity and climate
  • No additional application of moisture required
  • H351 (R40) no marking required
  • Highly weather-resistant

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