COSMO® Composite panels for the construction industry, industry and trade

Unlimited possibilities for design

Are you looking for a suitable sandwich element for your project in the industry or trade? Then, you are right on the mark with us! For selecting your suitable sandwich element our competent team of engineers and sales people will be at your disposal.

Currently, our range of sandwich elements includes more than 5,000 variants. They exclusively consist of high-quality material components and are bonded with a long-term proved adhesive system especially developed in our house. Consequently, a premium sandwich element is the result that can fully convince with its quality, robustness and durability.

Because there is a large number of top coats and core materials available, as well as there is the possibility of combining them in many different ways, a vast number of creative designs emerges for the finished sandwich element.

As a member of the ift (Institut für Fenstertechnik) we regularly test the newly and further developed sandwich elements for their heat- and noise-insulating properties and/or their penetration resistance. With this, we are offering the highest level of safety to you because, in the field, the determined test results are not only achieved but often exceeded.

COSMO® Composite panels


Application areas for composite panels

We offer suitable sandwich elements for many different fields of application.





Certified quality

Weiss is exclusively supplying composite panels in consistent top quality. To ensure this quality level, we cooperate with various test institutes, such as ift Rosenheim, MPA NRW* and CSTB**.

Our composite panels can be put together with a variety of different material combinations that can be designed individually.

Top coats
The external layers of a sandwich element are called top coats and can consist of the following materials:

  • Alu  (aluminium)
  • PVC  (polyvinylchloride)
  • HPL  (high-pressure laminated panels)
  • GFK  (GRP - glass fibre reinforced plastics)
  • CFK  (carbon fibre reinforced plastics)
  • EPO  (epoxy resin)
  • HD    (decorative films)
  • SPE   (plywood)
  • DSP  (thin chipboard)

The upper and the lower top coat can consist of the same material or of different materials.


Core materials
"Core material" is our designation for the inner components of our sandwich elements and can consist of the following materials:

  • XPS  (Extruded polystyrene rigid foam)
  • PUR  (polyurethane rigid foam)
  • TK  (thermoplastics)
  • MIN  (mineral fibre insulating material)
  • PR  (polyurethane recycling panels)
  • EPS  (expanded polystyrene rigid foam)
  • PUR/AL (polyurethane rigid foam/aluminium)

Special insert

  • Sound-insulating heavy film
  • Burglar-resistant aluminium insert


Development of composite panels

In close cooperation with our customers we create solutions that are customised for the respective range of application.
Our team of materials testers and application engineers with long-term experience in the fields of materials science and building physics would be pleased to be on hand with advice for you.

Customer-specific composite panels

We are offering customized sandwich elements for your special applications. Because a large number of different top coats and core materials is available as well as there is the possibility of combining them in many different ways, a vast number of creative designs results for the finished element.

Delivery service

With our range of products of more than 5,000 article variants we are offering to our customers a large assortment of heat and sound-insulating sandwich elements.

In addition, many of our core products are constantly available from our warehouse or will be deliverable in a short time.


Questions for composite panels

Do you have questions? Please contact:

Jörg Bander
Sales composite panels
Tel.: +49 (0) 2773/815-306 - Email

Ralf Marxen
Sales facade elements
Tel.: +49 (0) 5245/9241-21 - Email

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