Conduct of Business Rules / Proper codes of Conduct


The companies of the Weiss Group, hereinafter called Weiss, have bound themselves to comply with the high demands stated in their company's conduct referred to environmental protection, occupational safety, as well as respectful treatment of all employees. With this, the following applies:

1. Law-abiding behaviour

Weiss observes the principle of strict legality for all activities, measures and contracts.

2. Separation of business and private interests

Management and staff must always separate their private interests and the company's interests. Personnel decisions or business relations with third parties, are also only based on objective citeria.

3. Respect towards employees

Weiss respects and protects the personal dignity of each individual and does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment of its employees. Association with employees in a positive way is maintained and is reflected on the homepage „Menschen bei Weiss“.

4. Discrimination

Weiss confirms equal recruitment chances without any discrimination, unless other selection criteria are required by law. Recruitment discrimination due to gender, race, national origin, religion, age or sexual orientation will not be exercised.

5. Child labour

Weiss observes the legally permitted minimum age for employees at the location and does not use child labour and also refuses child labour at our business partners. Additionally, this important topic is excluded at Weiss due to tariff regulations.

6. Open communication

Weiss communicates with its employees in a free and open way. An important basis for this strategy is the value system defined by Weiss that is lived by all employees.

7. Payment and vacation

Weiss does not support or exercise any form of forced labour. Vacation and payment are granted at least in compliance with the provisions of law or the exceeding regulations of the labour agreement.

8. Occupational safety, health, fire and environmental protection

It is the task of all managers and employees to avoid hazards for people and environment, to reduce environmental influences and to use resources economically. Processes, operating facilities and equipment must comply with the applicable statutory and internal provivions on occupational safety, as well as health and fire protection. With this, Weiss is working in compliance with the relevant regulations on environmental protection, including the applicable provisions on air, water, soil and disposal. Weiss acts, produces and provides its services in the sense of the lowest possible negative impact on environment, including emergency plans, avoiding of environmental pollution as well as reduced consumption of raw materials.

The employees work at safe workplaces that at least comply with the regional/national regulations and protect the employees' health and provide for their well-being.

9. Dealing with authorities

Weiss is committed to cooperate with the competent authorities in a cooperative way and to submit all information completely, open, correct and in time.

10. Financial reporting, proper business processes

All business processes are documented as part of an internal controlling system. The complete and correct gathering of accounting-relevant data is ensured by audits.

11. Monitoring

Each business unit is responsible for compliance with the regulations specified in this code of conduct, as well as for further instructions that have been specified internally in their business responsibility.

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