Hybrid adhesives

This new generation of adhesives and adhesive seals was developed on the basis of alternative raw materials. As opposed to the usual PUR construction and assembly adhesives which consist of classified ingredients, with our COSMO® HD-Adhesives we offer alternative systems for users with a consistent consciousness for environmental issues.

COSMO® HD-100.400


The multi-talent

A very good consistency characterizes this flexible all-purpose sealing adhesive with high breaking elongation


COSMO® HD-100.480

Everywhere, where high breaking elongation with short skinning time is required, the COSMO®HD-100.480 will be the right choice. In connection with its high acceptance of temperature peaks, it commends itself for many applications where the cost-benefits-ratio must be balanced.


COSMO® HD-100.500

1-part STP-adhesive for a lot of application possibilities, particularly for many different kinds of application in the vehicle manufacturing and for vehicle superstructures.


COSMO® HD-100.800

The adhesive COSMO®HD-100.800 features a very good dosing behaviour at maximum First Tack. Because the first seconds will count. All in all, this High Tack can also cover many sealing applications, which extends its range of application enormously.


COSMO® HD-200.121

The fastest hardening scenarios with the accelerated 2-K-STP at full control of process can be generated with this adhesive. Combined with a very wide range of application possibilities and the lowest ageing behaviour under high climatic load, this is a top performer in our portfolio.


COSMO® HD-200.101

2-component STP-assembly adhesive

The controlled

Elastic 2-component STP-adhesive for a multitude of assembly bonding applications, with homogeneous through-hardening and reliable process time during the application.



COSMO® HD-200.201

2-component MS adhesive

The controlled

Elastic 2-component MS-adhesive for a multitude of bonding applications, with homogeneous through-hardening and reliable process time during the application.


COSMO® HD-100.600


The sealer

Particularly suitable for applications requiring a very elastic sealing joint with a high elongation at break.


COSMO® HD-150.160


The transparent

Transparent adhesive sealant with good UV-stability and minimal yellowing.


COSMO® HD-100.220


The powertack

Hybrid assembly adhesive with particularly high initial bonding strength and tackiness.


COSMO® HD-100.510

1-C-Adhesive-Sealant for RAL assembly works

Bonding/Sealing of moisture diffusing, fleece laminated groove strips in window, door and façade assembly.


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