COSMO SL-660.110


COSMO SL-660.110 is particularly suitable for the quick constructional bonding of PVC-hard materials, e.g. weather-boarding, additional profiles and -stripes, shutter parts, roof gutters or pipes. Thanks incorporated UV-stabilisers, this PVC-adhesive is highly weatherproof, as usual for the use in the window construction. More than 25 years practical experience, the test report of an the officially acknowledged institute as well as the reference statements of numerous well-known profile producers, all this emphasises the leading role of COSMO SL-660.110 in the window- and door manufacturing and gives you the safety you need.

  • 2 viscosities are deliverable:
  • medium viscosity: COSMO SL-660.110
  • high viscosity: COSMO SL-660.130


  • stability against UV and weathering
  • good thermal endurance
  • thixotropic
  • quickly setting up
  • deliverable in different viscosities


  • bonding of PVC-hard parts
  • in the window manufacturing for the bonding of additional profiles, such as water bars, drainage and protection stripes for roller shutters
  • in the sanitary field, for the bonding of pipes, gutters, etc.
  • in the exhibition and label production, for the constructional bonding of PVC-hard integral foam plates

Technical information

diffusion adhesive, vinyl chloride polymer in solvent

Film property
hard viscous, impact resistant

medium- and high viscosity
variants deliverable

200g aluminium membrane tube,
180g aluminium cannula tube,

Other cask sizes
(tin cans, buckets, drums)
are available on request

transparent-opaque, white

Other colour adjustements on request

Technical data sheet

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