Instant glue

COSMO CA-500.200

Thanks to its wide adhesion spectrum, COSMO CA-500.200 is suitable for a lot of different materials and for many application fields in trade and industry, and particularly for the bonding of different plastic materials.

  • ideally suitable for the bonding of different plastic materials
  • short setting times
  • very high strength
  • good weather resistance outside
  • high cold- and heat resistance
  • very good UV-stability
  • bonding of EPDM-elastomers
  • solvent-free


  • EPDM-sealing profiles in the window manufacturing (e.g. mitre cuts, butt joints with each other and PVC-hard- and aluminium profiles)
  • processing of plastic materials, elastomers, rubber
  • toy industry
  • optical industry
  • jewellery industry
  • sealing technique
  • wastewater technology
  • metal construction
  • vehicle manufacturing, aircraft construction and shipbuilding
  • leather- and shoe industry, orthopaedics
  • advertising technique and industry
  • medical engineering / dental technology
  • electrical and electronic industry
  • production of household appliances

Technical information


Film property


20g PE-bottle
50g PE-bottle
500g PE-bottle


Dosing cap or dosing tip
for 10g-, 20g- and 50 g bottles

Capillary nozzle
for exact fine dosing

Primer COSMO SP-840.110
as bonding layer for sur faces that are difficult to bond

Accelerator COSMO SP-860.120
for controlled spontaneous hardening of the adhesive joint

Technical data sheet

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