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Adhesives for mobile applications

Weiss offers you very strong adhesive systems for a variety of applications in mobile areas, tailored to meet the particular needs of this market segment. With our adhesives, you can ensure high-quality products and you can obtain high strengths which guarantee a safe and permanent assembly of the parts, even under extreme conditions.

Certified adhesives for maritime applications

Adhesive systems which are used in shipbuilding have to meet particular requirements regarding their fire behaviour. Fire protection properties of constructional components and materials which are used in shipbuilding have to be tested according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO, FTP- Code Annex 1) by means of special flammability tests by accredited flammability test centres in relation to their flame resistance and possibly smoke density as well as toxicity (IMO FTPC part 5, possibly part 2).

Licensed adhesive systems are marked with the steering wheel (wheelmark). The certification permits the international use of the adhesive for shipbuilding. The quality management system of Weiss complies with module D (quality management production) of the directive 2014/90/EU for marine equipment and the licensed adhesive systems are subject to this quality management system.

These particular requirements of shipbuilding are verifiably met by the subsequently listed adhesives.


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Transportation / Marine