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Façade elements for the highest standards

With all its technical and commercial advantages, the COSMO-Tech façade elements are the preferred choice for industrial and commercial buildings. For many years, our façade elements have proven their excellent heat and sound insulating properties in well-known buildings of European architecture. COSM-Tech façade elements combine both excellent surface design and outstanding physical properties to scope with the demands of creative modern architecture.

Glass composite elements

With glass elements of up to 3500 mm in many colours you are able to use and choose the surface charm and fascination of glass for an extraordinary architecture and design. Glass for the façade means visual lightness and elegance.

Decorative Perspectives

Working with COSMO-Tech façade decorative elements offers diverse perspectives in steel or aluminium. The tensile strength and full-surface bonded materials meet the highest standards of material quality and design possibilities.


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Façade elements 


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