Adhesives for assembly applications

Since many years, our PUR-based one-component adhesive systems have stood the test of time in almost all common assembly bonds. Even if extremely stressed, the adhesives bond your joints in a safe and stable way, no matter if for craft or industrial use.

This new generation of adhesives and adhesive sealants has been developed by use of alternative resources. Contrary to common PUR adhesives for construction and assembly purposes with ingredients that are subject to mandatory labelling due to the regulation on dangerous substances, COSMOHYBRID adhesives are non-hazardous alternative systems that do not require an additional labelling. Furthermore, the special structure of COSMOHYBRID enables high-strength and elastic adhesive joints that are extremely important for permanent and leak-proof bonds of material with different coefficients of thermal expansion. The high tensile shear strength of our systems is another positive aspect that sets us apart from other common STP or MS-based adhesives. Our new adhesives and adhesive sealants are also available in euro cartridges and tubular bags that can be used with standard dispenser pistols. No matter if you choose our traditional COSMOPUR adhesives or the new COSMOHYBRID adhesives: both product systems meet the highest quality standards "made by Weiss".


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