Thank you very much for your visit

At the numerous exhibitions and trade shows where we present our products we meet many people and are always happy to notice the very positive interest the people show in our company or in our products. Therefore we would like to grab the opportunity and say thank you very much to all the visitors at the trade shows for the fruitful discussions and the trust they place in our company.

Composites Düsseldof, 28.11.- 01.12.2016
Messe Composites - DüsseldorfThis year once again, the trade fair Composites in Düsseldorf, which has taken place from the 28th of Nov. to the 1st of Dec. 2016, could be absolutely persuasive. A lot of application possibilities have been discussed, some of them almost impossible, and many further to do tasks have been initiated.

We are convinced that great projects will be started as every time before at each Composites. The more so as we have continued to improve the performance of the MS-adhesives. Among other things, with our COSMO HD-100.460 that is suitable for RLT (ventilation technology), we are now in the position to provide a biostatic adhesive according to VD I 6022.

It appeared during the whole exhibition that we are able to offer problem solutions across the entire market – for the marine, the rail vehicle construction, special vehicles, automobiles, but also generally for the industry – with our extensive portfolio of MS-based sealing adhesives and of PUR-based surface-/structural adhesives.

This performance is also reflected in the division of sandwich elements. Lightweight solutions are absolutely in the foreground, and we are able to fulfil numerous requirements. Our experience in the vehicle construction, as well as the varied material combinations – and especially the use our high-performance material – play here a significant role.

We will continue to develop and to improve our possibilities, in order to be further in the situation to offer solutions to our customers and prospective buyers.

In summary: After one exhibition is before the next! We will be back in 2017!

Fensterbau Frontale 16.- 19.03.2016
With more than 110.000 visitors from 39 countries, the trade fair Fensterbau frontale of this year was once again an industry highlight for us, too. The visit at our exhibition stand of many customers, users and interested parties coming from the most various nations confirmed our international awareness level.

At this occasion, we used the opportunity to present our new sandwich elements COSMO Tech with thermoplastic material (TK) as carrier material as well as our new surface designs COSMO Art Design.

In the field of adhesives, we could present our innovative labelling-free MS-polymer programme. We also placed the focus on our R40-free adhesives as well as our extremely impact resistant fibre-reinforced adhesive systems. 

Also our new exhibition stand, designed at the occasion of our 200th company anniversary, was very well appreciated by the public. Particularly our new “feeling tables“, on which we have presented our wide range of products and casks in the fields of adhesives and sandwich elements, awoke the curiosity of many visitors.

All our known dealer customers supplying the area of the window construction were enthusiastic about our new and innovative products, and they intend to pass on these news to their customers.

There are numerous opportunities and potentials, and we are really looking forward to develop and implement them.

Our presence at the Fensterbau Frontale in Nürnberg with new exhibition layout.

Roof & Timber in Stuttgart 02.02. - 05.02.2016
As international marketplace around the themes of timber construction, interior work, roofs and walls, the trade fair “Roof & Timber” attracted nearly 50.000 visitors on the very beautiful exhibition grounds in Stuttgart.
Our open and inviting exhibition stand awoke great interest. With our performance, we really could inspire enthusiasm.

In the discussions with customers, we could convince them with our new solutions from the field of adhesives, e.g. with our adhesives for TPU coated roof lining membranes, with our PowerFilm (adhesive sealant on the roll) for a quick and easy vapour barriers assembly, as well as with our new primer which penetrates the material surface much deeper, e.g. wood fibreboard, and last but not least, with our „Big Five“ from the MS-programme.

In our division of sandwich elements, we could once again fascinate the visitors with our Cosmo Art Design products. Also the many possible applications of our sandwich elements generated a lot of interest.

Four successful exhibition days with fruitful conversations, interesting approaches and highly promising projects give us, true to our motto of this year „joy in creativity“, the courage, the strength and the perspective for a successful year 2016.

Swissbau in Basel 12.01. - 16.01.2016
Our third participation as exhibitor at the most important building fair in Switzerland, the „Swiss-Bau 2016“ in Basel was once again a complete success. Our idea of the field of activities „Adhesives“ not only to generate sales as invisible private label supplier, but also to appear self-confidently with our own brand „COSMO“, becomes now fruitful. Besides a lot of constructive dialogues with our current partners, interesting discussions could be held with prospective clients. The positive effect of the exhibition to give the possibility to be also discovered by further system houses as a potential future supplier, rounds off a successful start in the upcoming fair season.

For our field of activities of the sandwich elements, we can very positive look back on highly promising new contacts to architects. The massive interest of this clientel in our product range „COSMO Art Design“ shows that they also have „joy in creativity“ just as we live it in our motto for this year.