COSMO PU-190.110

COSMO PU-190.110

1-part PUR constructional adhesive

***COSMOPUR FaserPlus+
This new developed power adhesive on polyurethane basis excels with its particular power reinforcement by means of incorporated glass fibres.

Thanks the incorporated glass fibres, you obtain an extremely high strength and impact resistance of the compound Furthermore, particularly good values are achieved concerning the waterproofness (EN 204) according to strain group D4 as well as an excellent weather and temperature resistance of the glued joint, this has been determined with the test method WATT 91 (DIN EN 14257).

In addition to the premium values of the bonding, this fibre adhesive convinces with further decisive advantages for manual trade and industry:
  • particularly to highlight is the quick functional hardness; the result is that you can quickly continue processing with a very good initial adhesion
  • if you bond absorbent materials, the fibres prevent the adhesive from sinking
  • the adhesive joint is transparent-opaque after the hardening up and can be sanded and painted
  • wide adhesion spectrum
  • excellent adhesion on different wood- and construction materials, ceramics, metals, thermo- and durosetting plastics
  • compatible with natural stone
  • extremely high strength and impact resistance of the compound thanks incorporated glass fibres
  • gap-filling, reinforced by compact triangular joints
  • no sinking e.g. in head wood, absorbent materials
  • thin transparent adhesive joint
  • high weather resistance, heat resistance up to +110°C
  • very quick functional hardness
  • thermosetting impact-resistant adhesive joint
  • odourless, solvent-free
  • can be grinded and painted
  • slot mortise- and tenon glueing
  • kitchen work plates
  • corner angle bonding in aluminium window- and door manufacturing
  • door panels
  • sandwich plates and round arch bonding
  • joint board bonding in the field of wood front doors
  • handrails
  • staircase steps
  • window sills
  • laminate bonding
  • processing of natural stone
  • baseboards

Technical information

1-part moisture cross-linked PUR, solvent-free

Film property

low viscosity

310ml PE-euro-cartridge



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